German Shepherd Behavior

The German shepherd is one of the most amazing breeds to walk this planet. They originate from Germany and were cross-bred from the surrounding areas – Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Thuringia. This animal was used as a farm dog to herd sheep till Captain Max von Stephanitz selected the best of them for breeding in 1899. In America, the first German shepherd dog was exhibited in 1907. Its popularity grew thanks to movies like Strongheart, K-9 and the Canadian series “The Littlest Hobo.”

German shepherds are very smart and fine-looking in appearance. The male height ranges from 24 to 26 inches while the female can range from 22 to 24 inches. It has much potential if the owner makes an effort to enhance its ability. After all, this breed is also used as service and guide dogs due to its intelligence.

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It is an asset for the police, rescue workers and the military. However, just because it is used in such dangerous professions, don’t think it can’t be kept as a family pet. If you read on, you will find that the German shepherd has many characteristics in its personality and behavior that makes it an ideal pet for the family.

German Shepherd’s Personality and Behavior

To begin with, you need to realize that every animal has a distinct personality of its own like human beings. Therefore, German shepherd behavior might vary from dog to dog, but it does have common characteristics that it shares with its breed. These common characteristics can be boosted or ruined by how the German shepherd is brought up.

A German shepherd brought up in an uncaring or harsh environment might be aggressive and hostile towards humans, but a German shepherd that is brought up in a caring and good environment grows up to be the best of pets.

This canine is famous for being brave, confident, hard working, active and obedient. German shepherds also have quick learning abilities and you can see that in their eagerness to learn new things. They are reserved creatures with strangers, but completely the opposite with friends and family. They love to socialize with their owners and hate being left alone.

German shepherds are not lazy creatures. They need daily exercise and need constant stimulation like play sessions with animal toys or other activities. Another benefit of the breed as a pet is their versatility. A German shepherd’s behavior displays versatility that can been seen when they are working in their jobs. For example, when it is used as a police dog, they can be active when needed, or wait patiently for hours when the situation demands it!

When used as a guide dog by the visually impaired, you will see the German shepherd guiding his or her master in an alert and agile manner on the streets. However, when they walk into a store, the canine will sit peacefully in a corner until its time for his or her master to leave.

When properly socialized and trained, German shepherd behavior will be immaculate because they are obedient and want to please their master. Some individuals accuse the German shepherd for being too aggressive which is true. What they don’t realize is that this breed is aggressive for reasons that are not its fault. For example, if the a German shepherd’s owner does not make an effort to socialize and train its pet, then its aggressive nature will come out in front of strangers and other pets. Why? German shepherds are known for being protective and territorial for their family and owner. This is why they make such good guard dogs. However, German shepherds kept as pets can be trained to be made indifferent towards strangers and other animals.

In conclusion, there is much potential in the German shepherd; all it needs is an active and dedicated owner willing to invest time and effort for this wonderful pet. It will be worth it because you will have a friend for life!