German Shepherd for Protection

When considering a German Shepherd for protection it is important that the required training be accomplished by a professional, in the field. For the dog to be successful, the animal must have a great command of the basic commands first. When telling the dog to “sit”, the dog must respond immediately. This will demonstrate to the professional that the dog is ready for the protection commands and will probably respond well to the instruction. When seeking a protection dog, remember that there are certain liabilities that will go with the training.

Many different dogs would do well in the protection arena, but the German Shepherd for protection is a special case. These dogs are highly intelligent and they learn quickly. The trainability of the German Shepherd for protection is above question. The loyalty and close bonding allow for the best level of protection training. Again a slight word of caution is in order. Remember that this dog will have to work well off lead as well as on lead. Distance from the owner should not interfere with the understanding of the dog.

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Padded suit training

Padded suit training will become the first obstacle that the dog will have to address. By nature the dog will be suspicious of the individual in the padded suit and will want to investigate him. The professional will demonstrate what he wants you, as the owner to do, in padded suit training. Remember that the dog will pick up on your voice inflections very quickly which will heighten his concern about the stranger. It is a proven fact that the dog will become aggressive towards the padded suit without much provocation. The professional will teach you the correct words to use with your shepherd to initiate the protection mode of the dog. These words should never be used unless they are really needed. You will be taught how to “send” the dog and how to stop a “send” in midstream. The dog must be able to stop the alert or attack at the command of the owner.

Again you must realize that the dog needs to be rewarded for accomplishing the desired behavior. Never be without treats as the treats reinforce what you are trying to accomplish with the shepherd. A German Shepherd for protection is a great choice for a working dog. This same dog will be an excellent pet in the home. It is hard for one to explain how an animal trained to attack will be so docile in the home, but that is just the way it is. These dogs want to protect their owners and family and will respond on their own if the conditions warrant an aggressive posture.

Select your trainer with great care.

One of your responsibilities as the owner of a German Shepherd for protection is to make sure that you engage only a professional as the trainer. Not everyone can train a “working dog” and if you select the wrong trainer, it takes considerable effort to reverse the training. The protection dog will be an excellent family member and you will enjoy having him around.