How to Stop German Shepherd Aggression

A German shepherd makes one of the best pets in the world. They are loyal, intelligent and can risk their life to save their owner. However, do note that not just anybody can own a German shepherd. You need to spend time daily with your German shepherd to stimulate it physically and mentally or your pet will become sad or in a worst case scenario, become aggressive towards you and your family.

It is important to know how to stop a German shepherd aggression because they are very large dogs that grow to about 22 to 26 inches. In addition, they have a strong jaw that can produce a bite with a force of 238 pounds! No wonder they are used as security dogs and police dogs.

However, not all is lost. If you select a dog with a good temperament and personality, you won’t have any problem tackling a German shepherd aggression. In fact, with proper training, you can condition your pet to follow your orders.

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What triggers a German shepherd to be aggressive?

The trouble with German shepherds is that it is natural for them to be aggressive for different reasons. Therefore, if you are planning to own a German shepherd make sure you read up well about it. Also, under no circumstances can you resort to violence or anger to calm you pet’s aggressiveness. Why? It will aggravate your pet even more and upset him or her.

The German shepherd shows aggression by growling, chewing, biting and barking. One of the main reasons they are protective and aggressive is because German Shepherds have a suspicious and territorial nature. He or she might even show their suspicious negative side when they are eating.

Another factor that triggers their aggressive behavior is poor socialization. Young puppies that have been removed from their litter before eight weeks miss interacting with their mothers and the rest of the litter. This causes them to be wary of crowds and strange animals.

On the other hand, some shepherds are aggressive because they have suffered abuse from the hands of their previous owners. This causes them to be on guard when they are around humans because these poor creatures mistrust human beings due to their previous owners.

Their aggression also comes out when the German shepherd wants to establish their social hierarchy in a house. After all, there can only be one Alpha dog in a household!

How to control your German shepherd aggression?

Lucky for you, that as long as you research well about German shepherds properly and be confident in your dealing with them, soon you will have the perfect pet for yourself.

As his or her owner, you should establish who the master is when you bring your pet home. This is the first part of training and should start from day one. This can be done by giving your pet clear commands and orders in a firm and assertive tone that compels the German shepherd to recognize you as the Alpha leader. Don’t give it a free rein or give into its soulful brown eyes!

If you show any sign of weakness then the German shepherd will try to be the Alpha dog of the house and will fight you constantly for the role. However, if you set the rules from day one that ONLY you are the boss, the German shepherd will never question your authority. Why is that? This breed is the happiest when it is under the control of an Alpha leader.

You should also take your dog for daily training and exercise. This will improve your dog’s social skills when he or she gets used to being around human beings and other animals. Teach him or her new commands and reward them when they follow it. Another simple way of showing your pet who the boss is by making them earn even basic things. For example, when you are feeding your pet, order your pet to sit down before giving it food. Only give it food when your pet does as you say! This conditioning will reinforce the fact that you are the boss! This is basically the psychology behind handling German shepherds, so don’t worry that you are being cruel.

In conclusion, as long as you are firm but kind to your dog, it will learn to stop being aggressive at your command!