Today All About German Shepherd With Kids

German Shepherd With Kids: How is German shepherd with kids? Children all over the world love dogs as pet and your German shepherd should not be any different. If you bring a German shepherd puppy when your kid is small, it can grow along with your kid and establish bonds of love and trust.

German shepherd with kids is mostly loving and patient and is considered extremely safe. These are intelligent breed of dogs and are affectionate by nature. Most German shepherd with kids will not openly display their affection and will be very protective when the kid is playing.

German Shepherd with Kids
German Shepherd with Kids

Although it is considered safe to leave German shepherd with kids, it would be advisable to supervise them while they play. Most pets tend to walk away when the kids pull their ears or tug at their coat. The German shepherd might not run and play actively with your kid and will have a more protective nature where they keep a watch from a distance. Their role is more of a guardian and not that of a playmate.

Most kids love touching and feeling the dog and it would mostly react in a patient and calm manner. However some dogs may also choose to walk away when the kid display lots of excitement while playing.

You would be surprised to know that each German shepherd has a different personality and their patience levels may vary a lot because of this. If you observe closely you would be able to determine the unique personality of your pet. While some dogs can be very playful with your kids there are others that would prefer keeping distance.

A German shepherd puppy may be more playful than an adult dog. These breed of dogs are considered ideal companions to humans and are always willing to please. They are large animals and you would need to consider this factor when you bring them into your family.

Depending on how they are bred and trained German shepherd with kids are very compatible. Good socialization and training will help these breed of dogs interact wonderfully well with kids. If the dog is socialized in the formative years, it would be best, especially for kids.

german shepherd black and tan
german shepherd black and tan

Although these breed of dogs are not very aggressive it would be best to supervise your kids when they are playing with them. Kids may sometimes provoke your dog into aggressive behavior as they children might not be very disciplined while they play.

Sometimes the exuberance behavior of your puppy or adult dog may overwhelm the kids and you would need to keep a check on them so that there is no harm caused in an unknowing manner. If your kid is very small, it would be best to avoid wrestling with this large dog as they might not be aware of their strength and would not be able to control it in an appropriate manner.

It would be advisable to slowly introduce your kids to the pet. German shepherd with kids are loving and caring and the bonds of love that will be established in their formative years can last a lifetime.

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