How To Stop German Shepherd Whining

A number of German shepherd owners have this little problem with their German shepherd. They do not know how to stop their German shepherd from whining continuously. And the whine is usually a continuous monotone sound that gets on one’s nerves after a while.

Reasons for German Shepherd Whining

Here are some reasons for your German shepherd whining constantly. If it is an adult dog and it keeps whining constantly or whenever it wants your attention, it means that it has not been puppy trained properly. Remember that a dog has the IQ of a human 5-year-old. So just imagine your puppy to be like a small child. It wanted attention from its “Mama and Papa.” It cries and you come running to pick it up and fuss over it. This means that it, in most cases, it feels as though making noise will get it attention. If this crying is not tackled when it is a puppy itself, it is going to spend the rest of its life asking Mama for attention in the form of whining. Mama is still not paying any attention, well then, whine or bark.

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german shepherd best in show

German Shepherd Whining – Disciplinary Action

This sort of behavior needs immediate disciplining. A dog, unlike a human child, cannot be told that a continuous whining or crying will not get it what it wants, to make it understand that fact. However, you need to show with your body language that you are not happy with its behavior. Disciplinary action could include saying “no,” to it very firmly. Ignoring your German shepherd can only aggravate this negative behavior, because it is going to persist on whining. So with a firm finger shaken admonishingly, say “no whining” and frown. When it stops whining, give it a nod of approval and an appreciative word, saying “good dog.” You can also reward it with its favorite treat.

German shepherd training should be started while it is still a puppy. You do not want it to be whining continuously. This persistent noise is going to get irritating in the future, no matter how lovable that puppy is. If it has the bad habit of whining at night, remember that dogs and wolves have a common ancestry. The sound made at night was to make sure that there were other members of the pack around them. Even now, millenniums later, that instinct of “is my family around me,” is communicated with the whining sound. It also means that your German shepherd is feeling insecure or lonely. So, before you go to sleep, “show” your dog that the family is here, around it and it does not need to feel afraid nor anxious. Let it see the children or family members sleeping. German shepherds are very intelligent and they are going to understand that you are not going to accept any sort of whining in the night from it.

German Shepherd Whining – Puppy Training

Start consistent and patient German shepherd puppy training by getting your puppy used to a place which it can call its own, surrounded by its family. Put it in that area, and then give it some toys which can keep it busy. Then go off to other parts of your house for little intervals of time. Then return back to your puppy, so that it does not begin to feel insecure. Once it is understood that you are going to come back to it, there will be no cause for future German shepherd whining.

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